I’m back!

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Why? Well . . . this blog tells my story. And I feel kind of bad for having left it so long!

So I’m back! Back to write more of this lovely bountiful God-given tale of my life, in the space where it all started. *Nostalgic sniff* Just think – I started blogging here before I’d even met my husband . . . and now we have a chunky baby to call our own! God is good. My two guys are my life’s joy!

There’s tons to update on here but I’ll do that a little bit at a time. If you’re still following by accident or with far more loyalty than I could hope to possess for any blog, God bless you. 🙂

See you soon!

The state of things: 3 months in!

Mary Jimenez :: That Sweet "Ave"

ForKingandCountry120 days left until our wedding! Here’s an update on what we‘ve gotten done since I last posted here . . . can’t promise that it will be anywhere near in order, but here goes!

  • We have our wedding bands! We were able to get a really good price (less than what we budgeted for) and they came in not too long ago. They fit perfectly and are beautiful, simple white gold – exactly what I wanted 🙂 I have The Dash’s and he has mine until the wedding day.
  • The Dash ordered his wedding suit last week – a three-piece gray (on sale!) . . . sigh . . . he is going to look so good!
  • We have all our music assembled for our reception on Spotify. We wound up making a single folder containing multiple playlists for various “phases” of the reception, just so that everything…

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The Holy Family Planner: Now available!



A beautiful, functional and reverent Catholic planner designed to inspire and uplift your planning style! Includes:

  • all Ordinary Form and Extraordinary Form Calendar feast days
  • U.S. Holidays
  • daily menu planning
  • two-page month-at-a-glance for each month of the year
  • two-page week-at-a-glance for each week of the year
  • customizable monthly goals pages
  • personal information and contacts pages
  • inspiring quotes from the Saints
  • lovely sacred line art
  • Black-and-white interior, full-color cover, sturdily spiral-bound.

A perfect help for you, or a thoughtful gift for any Catholic lady in your life!

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