To the Blessed Virgin Mary for Acquiring Virtues

gallery2-55 O Mary, Mother of Mercy, others may ask of thee what they please–bodily health, worldly goods and advantages–but I ask for whatever thou seest to be most needful for me and what is most in conformity with thy pure heart. Thou art so humble; obtain for me humility and love of contempt. Thou wert so patient under the sufferings and trials of life; obtain for me patience and fortitude. Thou wert most charitable toward your neighbor; obtain for me charity toward all, and particularly toward those who are in any way my enemies. Thou art filled with the love of God; obtain for me the gift of His pure and holy love.

Thou art entirely united to the Divine Will; obtain for me complete conformity to the Will of God in all things. Thou art the holiest of all creatures, O Mary: make me a saint.

Love for me is not wanting on thy part; thou canst do all and thou hast the will to obtain all for me. The only thing, then, that can prevent me from receiving thy favors is neglect on my part in having recourse to thee, or too little confidence in thine intercession. These gifts I ask of thee, hoping with the greatest confidence to receive them, O Mary, my mother, my hope, my love, my life, my refuge, my help and my consolation. Amen.

From “Prayers” in The Seven Capital Sins by TAN Books