To the Blessed Virgin after Holy (or Spiritual) Communion

kissing-the-face-of-godO Mary, Virgin and Mother most holy, behold, I have received thy dearly beloved Son, Whom thou didst conceive in thy immaculate womb, didst bring forth and nourish and strain to thyself in sweetest embrace.

Behold Him Whose every glance filled thee with joy and all delight: Him I present and offer to thee in loving humility, to be clasped in thy arms and loved in thy heart, and to be offered in supreme adoration to the most Holy Trinity, for thine own honor and glory, for my needs, and for the needs of the whole world.

I beg thee, therefore, most dear Mother, obtain for me forgiveness of all my sins, the precious grace of serving thee more faithfully for the future, and that final grace of being able along with thee to praise Him through endless ages. Amen.

from The Roman Catholic Daily Missal, 1962