The Eucharist Defends Your Purity

The God of love and goodness, of mercy and long-suffering will not forget you when you are tormented by temptation, and exposed to the risk of losing your innocence. He will never, never forget you, but you must endeavor to receive Him frequently in holy communion.

For the celestial dew contained in this wondrous Sacrament imparts divine strength. How could it be otherwise? Holy communion is a union between Jesus and ourselves, a union so intimate that even His almighty love could have devised no other. He Himself has said: “He that eateth My Flesh and drinketh My Blood, abideth in Me and I in him.” This most intimate union effects a transformation by the fire of divine charity. The partaking of His most sacred Body and Blood weakens concupiscence and gives the feeble will strength for conflict. By partaking of this Sacrament the soul is filled with a joy compared with which the pleasures of sin appear contemptible, and bitter as gall.

If Jesus, Who Is Purity itself, unites Himself so closely to your soul, how can the unclean spirit dare to approach you? If you frequently receive Him in this way, if He nourishes, fortifies, ennobles, and sanctifies your soul with His omnipotent grace, must not your lily of innocence ever become stronger, more flourishing, fairer and more fragrant?