The Best Means to Preserve Chastity

In confession and communion our merciful Redeemer has bequeathed to the young inexhaustible treasures of grace, which may always enable them to come off victorious in the war against the enemy of their salvation.

It matters not how grievous may be the sins into which a man has fallen, or how violent and persistent may be the temptations by which he is assailed. If he only goes to confession regularly–with a humble and contrite heart–hell will not secure its coveted prey. Frequent confession and communion are the best means to preserve chastity.

Many holy confessors, like St. Philip Neri and St. Alphonsus Ligouri, often enjoined upon such deeply fallen or cruelly tempted young men nothing more for a penance than that they should after their first sin of relapse, again present themselves in the confessional.

If young people really did this with seriousness and perseverance their condition would speedily show a marked improvement.