Spiritual Life

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This is clearly self-explanatory! I can’t begin to imagine The Dash and I’s courtship without daily prayer together (usually over the phone, if not in person), without frequent recourse to Confession and Holy Mass, without Rosaries, novenas and acts of consecration to Our Lady and St. Joseph. The courting couple who prays together . . . you see what I mean 😉

Although I’ve made it a point to focus on the importance of rationality and emotional health courtship, first and foremost, Catholic courtship intrinsically belongs to the Faith and is an act of spiritual warfare.

When marriage and family are crumbling under attack, a couple who seeks to do things counter-culturally, for the glory of God, and with the intention of beginning a holy family and raising children to become saints . . . they are going to come under attack, without exception.

Satan is going to hate what they are doing. The couple is going to undergo trials, is going to struggle or even heavily suffer. The Dash and I have been in those trenches. Life is a battle; our courtship has been, at times, a very, very hard battle. Emotions fluctuate. Times get hard.

Without God, nothing makes sense.

Prayer and the Sacraments, with a strong, rational focus on the end goal (we are doing this to prepare, God-willing, for the vocation that will make us saints), are absolutely vital in courtship, just as they are in marriage–to start off well, to continue well, to finish well.