Humility Brings Peace

Remember the violet. Everyone loves and values this modest little flower which thrives and blossoms most beautifully in the shade . . .

You may perchance be saying to yourself that it would be delightful indeed to be such a gentle, modest, retiring maiden, but that you lack strength to make these virtues your own. You desire to possess these virtues! Well, then, be not discouraged; persevere in this desire with all sincerity, doing at the same time everything in your power to further the fulfilment of your wish.

Humility with its sweet fruits will bring peace to your soul. For this reason Our Lord so frequently exhorts us to the practice of humility. That we may more earnestly seek to acquire it He promises us peace of heart as our reward: “Ye shall find rest to your souls.” Such are His own words. Do you not desire to have peace in your heart; peace with God and your fellow men, eternal peace one day in heaven?