Faith is Your Most Precious Possession

bouguereau-52Faith is certainly so precious and supernatural a possession that no earthly good can be substituted for it. As innocence is the maiden’s fairest ornament, so is faith her most precious possession. It resembles the glorious light of the sun, which cheers and animates all created nature. How sad and gloomy, how cold and unfruitful would the earth be without this light! But far more sad would our life be without the divine light of the true faith.

Therefore the first and most important affair of your life is to preserve this light, this precious treasure, with the utmost care. And this is no easy matter, especially in the present day, when unbelief is gaining ground with terribly rapid strides . . .

You, my daughter, know as yet but little of sorrow and suffering. But ask those–and their number is large indeed–who have often and painfully felt that this world is a valley of tears, ask them what has sustained them in their darkest hours of sorrow and suffering, what has poured the healing balm of consolation into their wounded hearts, and even enabled them to rejoice in tribulation. Ask them, and they will tell you that it is faith which has done all this.