The state of things: 37 days in

That Sweet "Ave"

So, what’s the state of things, 37 days in to our engagement?

  • We are 90% of the way there to confirming an actual wedding date. This took longer than it might take others since we were engaged right before Christmas, chose to enjoy the holidays before we started doing any intense planning, and are now in the process of coordinating with our understandably very busy parish priest.
  • We’re one week away from having our first marriage prep meeting with him.
  • After doing a bit of searching and a lot of assessment, we have a likely reception venue (off the beaten path of commercialized wedding venues, thankfully!) and are waiting on our wedding date to be confirmed so, God-willing, we can make a reservation on their calendar, if they are still available.
  • Although we’re waiting to ask everyone until we have our wedding date, we’ve decided on our wedding party.
  • We…

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