7 Rambling Monday Takes, Vol 17 :: November thoughts


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What a week! We haven’t been this sick in quite some time . . . nasty chest colds, congestion, coughing, intense fatigue, low-grade fever (for my brother, anyway), achiness, and slooow progression. Some form of this unpleasant, almost-antibiotic-worthy germ found every member of our family. First it was Lena and our youngest sister . . . it spread to our brother, then Dad (in a milder form, fortunately). Mom and I were staying miraculously well through it all, administering Robitussin and essential oils (we’re a both-and kind of family 😉 ) and managing to make it to both All Saints’ Day and All Souls’ Day Masses. My poor siblings didn’t get to go to . . . a big disappointment and yet a great opportunity for an offering 😦

It’s been a week where the house has just felt chock full of germs, floating alongside all the dust motes. You feel invaded. Sickness mode takes over; home becomes a hospital . . . you know the environment. I was constantly cleaning and keeping meticulous watch over the hygiene of my hands, while the living room was full of coughing and misery. I love “playing nurse” and rubbing helpful things on people, and so I counted myself Divinely preserved after a while, considering the exposure. But . . .

I started feeling a tiny touch of the ominous threat of things (more like allergy symptoms) on All Souls’ Day, but I had plans with The Dash on Saturday which meant, of course, I wasn’t going to get sick. Fortunately, Saturday only saw a small amount of sinus congestion for me, and the plans remained. We had a glorious day ❤ Yesterday and today, I’ve just had mild cold symptoms and tiredness, so I definitely don’t think I’ll come down with the worst of things like the siblings did, and should be safe to teach tomorrow. Mom is under the weather also today, but on the whole, our clan is finally, finally on the mend. God is good!


November is here! The leaves have finally turned; burnt amber, orange, gold, russet. It’s gorgeous!

Daylight Savings Time ended, that obsolete thing, leaving things pitch black so early . . .

The Dash graduates next month! A beautiful phrase! To say I’m proud and thrilled for him to the moon and back is such an understatement.

Three Sundays left until Advent is upon us . . .


This All Souls’ Day Requiem Mass was the most poignant I’ve attended (although it’s only the second in my life 😉 ) . . . I think it’s due to all the people I’ve known, or loved ones of people I know, who have departed this past year. Meditating on the reality of purgatory and the suffering Holy Souls made it impossible to feel anything other than a sober urgency to participate in the Mass as reverently as possible to bring them as much relief as I could.

From the Offertory of the Mass (taken from here):

O Lord, Jesus Christ, glorious King, spare the souls of the faithful departed from the pains of hell and from the deep pit; free them from the jaws of the lion, and let them not descend into hell to be swallowed up in darkness. May Saint Michael, Your standard bearer, lead them into the holy light which You promised of old to Abraham and his posterity.


I’ve nearly finished Michael D. O’Brien’s Harry Potter and the Paganization of Culture (currently I’m in the last Appendix). At the end of it, the truth most strongly impressed upon me is the unbelievable responsibility that’s incurred when one has children, especially in today’s society and culture where so much corruption is so subtly pervasive in media, entertainment and literature. Parents have so much responsibility towards their children’s souls in the formative years. Books and films are not neutral influences.

” . . . {O}ne of Satan’s most effective and time-tested strategies in his war against mankind is to afflict us with a blatant evil (for example, the dark imagination of authors like {Philip} Pullman), and then to offer an apparently lesser evil (the murky imagination of authors like J.K. Rowling) as an alternative, even as an antidote to the more blatant evil. Then, we jump hastily for the quick solution, the lesser evil, forgetting that it may be the lesser evil that Satan wishes to spread through the world. Of course he desires both, and more, a sliding scale of familiarization and comfortableness with evil.”

-p. 211

I believe it’s essential for couples, especially in the early stages of courtship/engagement and particularly newlywed life, to read these kinds of books about culture and children and to converse about them. (One that I really want to read with The Dash is We and Our Children by Mary Reed Newland, and maybe something like 10 Ways to Destroy the Imagination of Your Child by Anthony Esolen.) Because the question is there: how, rationally and virtuously, are you going to defend your children? What choices and sacrifices are you willing to make when the alternatives are universally easy and normal?


My dad’s and brother’s birthdays are next week! We’ve all gotten a kick of how we can re-use the numerical birthday candles this year . . . 15 and 51 😉 The romance of thrift!


For the past few weeks, I’ve been really trying to cut down on inflammatory foods. I can’t make it a perfect 100% but am aiming for a solid 70, and so far, it’s going fairly well 😉 I deal with endometriosis symptoms (and have been for several years) but the severity is often reduced if I cut out things like bread, sugar, and dairy. My hope is to get into a consistent habit of eating more mindfully, to improve my female health as much as I can, especially in this stage of my life when I’m still young and looking forward to marriage. I pray I can keep it up!


Time for supper . . . I have no other thoughts to offer at the moment 😉 Have a blessed week!