August already?


lilleIt’s been kind of a sad stretch of time since my last post . . . with the summer break wrapping up, things have been busy! But I have to include a picture of my first experience with a Lille baby carrier (awkward snapshot, but still). I fell in love! With the sweet baby, of course, but also with the ability to carry him hands-free for about three hours and do things such as sweep, vacuum, push his sister on a bicycle and pick up toys, while babysitting with Lena earlier this week. It was delightful! I felt just like a kid who dresses up in her dream profession and steals glances in the mirror. Yep. 😉 I got far too used to having his little sleepy head and body snuggled up against me, and have been missing it for the past few days . . .

The Dash and I celebrated eleven months of courtship on the feast of St. John Vianney (Old Calendar) and the Fourteen Holy Helpers . . . we’re almost at a year! It’s gone by so fast, and God’s goodness is overwhelming. I love Him and him so much ❤ I think back to the days when we were first getting to know one another, and I can only marvel at the beauty of a friendship that keeps growing. It’s truly something only God can give. And I also continue to realize how even our wonderful courtship, in and of itself, isn’t enough to make me happy or holy. It brings me so much happiness and opportunities to practice virtue but also reveals to me my faults and littleness, and the greatness of the vocational task that still lies ahead of me. Our courtship is both a dream and a daily grind because we have the ability to see and love one another at our best, but we also have to keep struggling IMG_7661 (2)through life and our human condition while embracing crosses and our learning curves. (They’re mostly my learning curves 🙂 )

Anyway; this particular picture is from the night he asked me to court him . . . and apart from still melting my heart, it makes me laugh because we look like babies compared to how we are now (and more awkward, too!). And it’s a beautiful paradox to have come so far from that night and yet still feel like we’re at the very beginning. ❤

But August! It’s here already! The month of the Immaculate Heart of Mary, of the Assumption, my birthday month, one of my best friend’s birthday months, the month in which tutoring starts back, as well as The Dash’s final semester of college (woohoo!) . . . there’s a lot going on! My first day of tutoring is just over a week away (I can’t wait to start!). I’ll be wrapping up the 54-day novena to Our Lady of Pompeii a few days before my birthday, and then I have about a week placed in between that and the beginning of the 33-day renewal of my Total Consecration. I definitely need it and I’m eager to embark on that 🙂 Hopefully I will be able to blog about this month’s remaining shenanigans with some success!

I pray you have a wonderful rest of your weekend!