Introducing :: One Good Catholic Book!

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Lena, my dear younger sister and one of the best writers I know, just started a new website, One Good Catholic Book, chronicling her journey as a Catholic writer, offering insights behind the spirituality of writing Catholic fiction (like having patron saints for your stories!), and showcasing her amazing work. Lena crafts fiction with a deep intuitiveness towards character, and a tasteful simplicity and evocativeness of style that I can only ever hope to possess half of. We’ve been writing together since we were children . . . but she’s the one who’s truly “got it.” Honestly.

Anyway, I’ve just spent the last few minutes reading all the lovely posts and pages she’s put out there, and I am so, so excited to see where her journey leads next! Please do follow her site and support her writing! You will not be disappointed.

She has just come out with a second edition of her beautiful novel, Paint Everything Blue (click here for an excerpt and description, as well as purchase options). I was honored to help with the cover and interior design, and I tried my best to make both reflect the quality of the content 😉


I encourage you to check out her site and share her writing in any way you feel led to! God bless you all, and have a beautiful weekend!