Additions . . .


Happy feast of Our Lady of the Pillar! Unfortunately the stream for LiveMass was acting up a little bit this morning and so we weren’t able to catch either Sarasota or Fribourg, so I’ve just now read the Propers (essentially, the Mass of Salve, Sancta Parens on pg. 1026, with a Collect for Our Lady of the Pillar) this evening.

Almighty and eternal God, Who in the most glorious Mother of Thy Son hast wondrously given us a heavenly protectress: mercifully grant us perpetual protection through her aid whom we devoutly honor under the special title of Our Lady of the Pillar.

Ah, yes, but speaking of additions (it’s good to make an effort to make one’s post title relevant to the post) . . . While nursing the lingering remains of a cold this morning, I decided to spruce up some more of my blog pages. I had great big plans a few months ago, and added a stack of traditional prayers under Other Prayers for Daily Necessities, along with inspiring quotations for both men and woman from Fr. Lasance under Wisdom from a Spiritual Father. And then I got a little . . . sidetracked . . . and didn’t do much else in that arena for a while. (That’s . . . me.)

So now I’ve developed a brand-new section called The Most Necessary Prayers, including many of (you guessed it!) what our Mother the Church has long deemed the most necessary prayers for the faithful to offer on a regular basis. Hop on over to explore and pray along with me!


And then I decided it was time to start listing my favorite books in some sort of coherent fashion here on Benedic, both fiction and non-fiction. (You’ll be able to tell how picky I am with choosing my true favorites for fiction, while non-fiction offers a somewhat more generous berth for my likes . . . ) And so I introduce Bookshelf, which of course will be updated on a regular basis as I read new things (and remember things I should have added . . . far more likely . . .)!

This was a really fun link-up to do, and it also was an inviting occasion for me to glance over the reading list I’ve kept in a spreadsheet since 2015, with about 50 titles on it to date. However, I realized I haven’t read a single new work of fiction this whole year (yikes!) . . . so I’m going to try and remedy that by embarking on some Tolstoy at long last. We’ll see how that goes . . .


Have a blessed rest of your week!