Introducing . . . Blog Expansions!


A blessed first Saturday to you all! Let’s make an effort to honor the Immaculate Heart of Our Blessed Mother today.

All right . . . so, yesterday morning as I sat with pen and paper and watched the sun rise through the view of our kitchen windows, I was taken up by some new inspiration for Benedic.

I have come to love writing up original posts here; in fact, keeping this blog going has been a personal realization of how God fashioned me to where I must write in order to process, to absorb, to contemplate, to learn, to better know myself (always essential!), and to cultivate love and enthusiasm for the Faith and for life. Before I really plunged into article-writing after graduating high school, I instead buried myself in writing countless unfinished stories–I rarely wrote things that directly articulated my real-life thoughts, beliefs and questions (apart from journals). Fortunately, I eventually learned how to put a beginning, middle and end into an article, and once the structure clicked, I ran with it. It has been a true blessing and I am very grateful!

But, at the same time . . . I realized yesterday I could (ahem, should) be sharing far more here than merely my own rambling clusters of sentences.

A blog is, in a manner of speaking, an open journal, a peek into a person’s mind and heart (for better or, um, worse). So, let’s say that every time you click over to Benedic, you are cracking open my journal to see if I’ve scribbled down anything else eccentric and new. Well, my desire is that now, along with seeing my words here, you also see holy cards; bookmarks; numerous prayers, snippets, quotations and inspirations, which I try to keep crammed in the margins of my mind and heart as it is, but now want to collect and celebrate in one place. I want to display the many prayers, writings and devotional information I’ve discovered and delightedly accumulated in my somewhat frenetic obsession with the beauty and traditions of the Catholic Faith. I want to show you, cohesively and in an orderly, visually pleasing fashion, the beautiful things that inspire me to write!

So I have begun utilizing these marvelous little inventions called pages. Lots of ’em. If you’re reading this post through your email or blog reader (and by the way, thank you so very much for following me!), you won’t be able to see them unless you click over to Benedic directly. Pages upon pages, with numerous themes, are going to be appearing across the bar that separates my blog header from current blog posts. Many of them cascade into sub-pages (that’s what I spent the majority of my day yesterday doing). And . . . most of them are empty. Rest assured I am working daily to fill them 😉

For now, I wanted to share a preview of the new things already up and running on Benedic, as well as what will be put up over the very near future:

  • WE MUST WIN THIS GREAT BATTLE: Under this section (inspired by my previous post in which I wrote about sloth and zeal), I have been and will be posting PRAYERS FOR DAILY NECESSITIES: beautiful old prayers I have found that eloquently express my own (and, I imagine, others’) spiritual needs in the daily battle for sanctification. They are prayers (most of them pretty brief) of fervency, beauty and theological richness. I’m not currently praying all of these every day, but I am nevertheless posting them here very much for my own benefit! There will also be sub-pages for topics such as TOTAL CONSECRATION TO JESUS THROUGH MARY, GAINING INDULGENCES, and FASTING & PENANCE ; reflections, prayers, and quoted writings to inspire and rouse myself and, I pray, others in the great war we are all fighting for the salvation of our souls, and the souls of all men.


  • WISDOM FROM A SPIRITUAL FATHER: This is the section I am most excited about (and, um, currently have done nothing to develop . . . that will be the weekend project!). Many readers here have already caught glimpses of my deep love for Fr. Lasance and his writings of traditional spiritual direction (all of which are so old as to be public domain). They have truly changed my soul and guided me into becoming a better and, I can only pray, more devoted young woman. This is going to be the section in which I share him in great depth with you, quoting his writings that pertain to both men and women who are seeking to grow in virtue, and who are looking for the compassion, firmness and sound wisdom that only a priestly voice can give. I can’t wait to share these with you!


  • LATIN MASS RESOURCES: I write frequently about the Latin Mass here; it is very, very dear to my heart. I want there to be a place where I provide resources for those who are interested in learning more about the Latin Mass, and I will also be developing this page in the near future . . . so stay tuned!